Competition Season 2017


Our most recent competitive season started out with a bang! Our mini company kids received two Platinum scores, a judges special, Entertainment Award, First and Second Overall! They also received a golden ticket to the World Dance Championships in August!!! We are so proud of them.  Our Elite Hip Hop dance also competed and won the Revolutionary Award for a nearly perfect score as well as an Entertainment Award, and First Overall! They also received a golden ticket for the World Dance Championships in August!! Our soloists did fabulous in their first time out, 8 overall high scores, 3 judges specials, and countless invitations to power pak! 

Nexstar was our second competition this year.  The entire CEDA company competed together in 35 routines and they were fabulous! We couldn't be prouder of how our dancers have improved both technically and in their energetic and emotional performances.  All of our dances placed top 10 and most top 5 and many overall high score winners. We received Performance Awards, judges specials, and even a Choreography award! Our junior jazz group and our teen hip hop group received Wild Dance Convention scholorships! Every number received either a Platinum or High Gold ranking. All of our students received a Golden Ticket to the World Dance Championships this August. We received a ticket in every category we could - 7 in total! We received the Backstage Award for great sportsmanship and teamwork with each other and other studios. They are always so respectful of other studios and dancers and do everything they can to help each other out. Both parents and students alike wake up early in the morning to support all our studios dances and help with hair and makeup.  This by far was the greatest award our studio has ever received in the 5 years we have been open!

At Showstoppers, our dancers received 1 platinum, 9 double platinum, and 3 crystal awards!  Almost all dances were high scoring routines that made overalls! Our soloists did fabulous and placed very high.  This competition was packed with well over 100 solos in some categories!  We love going to competitions that have big categories and are packed with very talented studios and dancers.  It is what inspires our dancers!

Our next regional was at one of our favorite competitions, Beyond the Stars! We are so proud of all of our amazing dancers this weekend. Their performances were more than we could have wished for. They had the crowd cheering for them, crying with them, laughing with them... they were very entertaining. Almost all of our soloists placed in the top spots in their categories.  All advanced soloists were invited to dance in the opening number at nationals!  Our Junior groups received 2nd and 1st Overall with a Choreography award for Ariana and the highest scoring routine of the competition Stellar award for Jazz in 12 and under Intermediate!  Our junior hip hop also received 1st Overall Diamond!  Our pre-elite dancers received 3rd Overall.  Acro received 1st overall Diamond!  Our intermediate contemporary received 1st Overall, Musical Theater 2nd Overall Diamond, Hip Hop 1st Overall Diamond and Stellar award for highest scoring 13 and over routine of the competition. Seniors received 1st overall as well.  Elite groups received 5th overall diamond, 2nd overall diamond, and 1st overall diamond, crowd pleaser award, and Stellar Award for highest scoring 13 and over routine of the weekend!  That's right 3 Stellar awards!!!

Our final competition was at Inferno Dance Competition!  Every dance placed in Overalls! One of our dances received a perfect score from the judges! We had 6 routines that were the highest scoring in their age range and divisions.  The performances were amazing and left a lasting impact on the audience yet again!  3 entertainment awards, 1 choreography award, a powerhouse award, 2 dances were chosen to re-compete in the showcase before awards!  We are so proud of our girls and boys for representing our studio with such grace, poise, and inspiration!  We do not train our dancers to compete for a score, for a trophy, or for a 1st overall.  We want our dancers to train to be their personal best, the trophies and the scores are second nature to the overall perspective of the impact left behind after each performance.  They dance for themselves, they dance to share their stories, they dance to share their passion and to showcase their individual growth.  We take a lot of pride in that at CEDA!

BTS Nationals was very successful for CEDA!  All of our dancers came home National Champions!!! We had judges awards, high golds, platinums, and many diamond awards!  All of our group numbers placed in the top 10 many winning the overall high score naming them National Champions!  3 of our intermediate routines made it into the Rising Star Ultimate Challenge where our Teen Hip Hop Dancers received the Stellar Award for the highest scoring routine of the week! We also had 3 elite level dances in the All Star Ultimate Challenge where our Acro routine received 1st Overall out of all the 12 and under Large groups in the entire competition and our Pre Elite dancers received 2nd Overall!  Our very own Jaelin Carmichael won the hip hop freestyle battle at one of the best dance offs Beyond the Stars has ever seen! We couldn't be more proud of all our dancers this week!  

The World Dance Championships proved, yet again, to be an incredible experience with dancers from England, Canada, China, and Australia to name a few.  Our dancers represented our studio proudly and did an amazing job.  The results are as follows:

Elite Hip Hop 6th 

Junior Hip Hop 3rd - 2nd runner up

Mini Jazz 11th 

Pre-Elite 8th

Senior Elite 14th

Teen Theater 2nd - 1st runner up 

Teen Hip Hop 1st - World Dance Champions! 2 years in a row!


Competition Season 2016


Our dancers have had an amazing 3rd season.  We have had 5 regional competitions and two National competitions and all of our dances have placed in Overalls.  In each competition, one of our numbers has been the highest scoring group number of the entire competition!

We have received 7 Golden tickets to the World Dance Championships this year!!!

We have won 5 choreography awards, 8 regional champion awards, 6 entertainment awards, countless judges specials, KAR's video of the week, and won 4 costume awards!!

This was our first season with a Mini Company and they were amazing.  The ages are between 5-8 and these four girls won First in their category and First Place Overall!! We are so incredibly proud of these four fabulous dancers!!  If you want to be a part of our mini company next year, come meet with Caitlin to ask any questions.

Nationals 2016 has been a tremendous success!  We had nearly every number in the Overall high scores!  Our Junior groups swept the competition in every category, they placed Top 3 with their lyrical, jazz, and hip hop numbers, also the junior small group received 1st Overall and was welcomed back into the Ultimate Challenge, and our Junior Elite group received 1st Overall and was welcomed back into the Ultimate Challenge where it received 1st Overall again and won the highest and most prestigious National honour with the Stellar Award and an 8 foot trophy!  Our Teen groups received 5th Overall for Contemporary, 4th Overall Musical Theater, and 1st Overall Hip Hop also welcoming them into the Ultimate Challenge where they placed 2nd Overall in the entire competition!  Our senior group also received 1st Overall! We had almost every company member leave the competition a National Champion!  Countless overalls and trophies, 2 entertaiment awards, dozens of judges specials -- these kids are amazing!

Nationals part 2 in Orlando Florida was a fabulous competition as well!  Our Elite dancers made the trip and did an amazing job!  Our Teen groups placed 9th, 5th, and 2nd Overall in round one.  Round two was even more difficult, where our Teen group competed Senior for the first time ever and were given their most prestigious and highest award of 2016 Starbound National Grand Champions!! And a BIG Congratulations goes out to Miss Juliana Ventimiglia on an ultimate choreography award out of hundreds of routines from 4 different countries in this entire National Competition!

2 huge National competitions and these kids came home with the top awards!  What is next year going to bring?!  We are so proud of our students on their incredible work ethic and time management.  They learn so much more than dance at this studio.  We train them to be the best they can be in and out of the studio!  Congratulations on a job well done everyone!

The World Dance Championships were as amazing as they sound!  Out of thousands of routines seen in over 15 countries the best dancers came back to compete at the WDC this year!  We found ourselves in categories with countries like England, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, and many more!  We had 5 groups attend the championships and we are proud to say that each of our dancers got the chance to compete in the Final Five!  Two groups received the amazing honor of being 3rd in the World! Our Junior Group also received a Performance Award for their incredible energy and entertaiment factor.  Our Senior Group also received a Choreography Award for their routine choreographed by Caitlin Ritchie.  Our Teen Group became 1st Place World Dance Champions!  What a way to end an incredible season!  

We cannot wait to see what is in store for next year!

Congratulations to all of our dancers and staff!


Competition Season 2015


The CEDA company has grown this year!  So far this season, the teams have been doing fabulous!  They have competed in 5 competitions receiving Platinum and DIAMOND awards, each of the routines recieving Top Overall High Score, judges specials, Showmanship and Crowd Appeal Awards, Entertainment Awards, and much more!  Keep an eye out for this company! They are truly remarkable dancers! We are very proud of them!

Our Teen Hip Hop group is UNDEFEATED this year and has received a golden ticket to the World Dance Championships along with our Junior Hip Hop company and our Petite Lyrical Fab5 group! 

EVERY COMPANY MEMBER IS NOW A NATIONAL TITLE HOLDER.  In each company level and group, our dancers won a First Place Overall high score and DIAMOND award at Nationals this year! They are truly amazing! 4 of our dances were entered into the Ultimate Challenge Battle to compete for a second time!  Our young lyrical Fab5 group came in 2nd Overall in their Ultimate Challenge Battle and our Teen Hip Hop group took the whole thing winning the Rising Star Ultimate Challenge! We are so proud of the performances set on stage.  These kids and teachers work so hard all year long and it all paid off.  We couldn't be more proud of the final result!  

World Dance Championship!

The CEDA company had 3 dances compete at the World Dance Championship this year.

Our Junior Hip Hop Company came in the Top 12 in a very tough category!  We couldn't be any more proud of them!  

Our Teen Hip Hop Company made it to the Final round in one of the toughest categories we have ever seen!  They ended up placing 3rd Overall!

Our Lyrical Petite Small Group competed in the largest competition of all.  They made it to the Final round and ended up being the First Place Overall high score winners becoming World Champions! We are so proud of these 5 hard working ladies!