What does CEDA have to offer?


Creative Edge Dance Academy offers a diverse range of dance classes that are suitable for you!  Our faculty works with some of the top choreographers in the industry.  Each teacher remains actively involved in their styles today!

At Creative Edge we separate our classes by age and technical level.  If you are looking for a fun way to release some energy and exercise, consider our recreational classes.  Those looking for a more serious dance education should consider our Company classes.

CEDA offers classes from 2 to adult and men and women alike! We want to share our love for this art form with you!

All of the following classes perform in our annual Recital which is a collaboration of all Creative Edge Dance Academy students work throughout the dance season!

Happy Feet (2-3 years): This fun class for our tiny dancers provides coordination, balance, and basic dance technique.  This group will help fine and gross motor skills. This is a half hour class. Ballet shoes required *

PreK Dancers: This energetic class provides a better understanding of dance technique as well as continued balance and coordination skills.  Two half hour classes are offered. Tap and Ballet shoes required * 

Beginner Classes: This class, for our 5-6 year old students, prepares them for more advanced classes. It is high energy and fun!  This age group can take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics.

Ballet: The single most important dance class any student can take is Ballet.  No matter what style of dance a student may take, ballet will help balance, coordination, speed, endurance, and much more.  Anyone looking into a competitive or professional career are strongly encouraged to take a minimum of two ballet classes a week.  Every popular dancer that you see on hit television shows have had many years of elite ballet training.  Pink ballet shoes required (styles depend on age) *

Lyrical: This class is a fusion of ballet and jazz.  It is a smooth dance genre that is generally quicker than ballet but slower than jazz.  Dancers perform to the lyrics of a song.  Those lyrics serve as inspiration for movements and expression.  Technical training is prodominant in this genre.   

Contemporary: This class is a fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern.  In terms of the focus of its technique, contemporary dance tends to combine the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance's stress on the torso, and also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance.  It is one of the most popular forms of dance especially in the professional dance world.

Tap: Using their feet as drums and creating rhythmic beats and tempos, students learn coordination and muscle control.  This high energy class is a great aerobic activity and fun way of dance expression. Black tap shoes required (styles depend on age) *

Jazz: A popular form of dance today thanks to the many television shows is Jazz.  It is fun and highly energetic.  This is a great form of exercise.  It shows dancers individuality and style.  In order to get technique in jazz, ballet and technique classes are encouraged. Jazz boot required*

Hip Hop: Another popular form of dance today is hip hop.  It became more popular thanks to hit television shows and music videos.  This is a highly stylized form of dance that helps with strength and conditioning.  There are various styles within this one genre of dance.  You will learn freezes, tricks, and many different styles of hip hop dance.  Sneakers or barefoot depending on the recital routine *

Musical Theater: Ever see a show on Broadway, or a movie that was once a broadway show, or even High School Musical?  This class teaches singing, dancing, and acting all in one.  Become a Triple Threat and be able to do it all! You will learn a variety of dance styles from different eras as well as many different Broadway shows.  Jazz boots required *

Acrobatics: This tumbling class combines gymnastics and dance into one.  It is a fun way to show off your tricks.  This class is fun for all dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts alike!  Classes range according to age and level.  

Tiny Tot Tumble: This is a NEW program at Creative Edge where younger girls and boys can come and safely learn all beginner gymnastic skills from a highly trained instructor. Call for more details!

Pre-Company: This is a NEW program at Creative Edge where our younger dancers can prepare to challenge themselves in preparation for our Mini Company program.  These dancers will take a more detailed ballet/technique class once a week as well as a hip hop class.  They are also invited to take tap and acrobatics to keep up with their well rounded dance training.